Thursday, June 28, 2007

leading US TV channel PBS exposes reality of vidarbha farm suicides when maharashtra chief minister visiting US

on 26th june-2007 on prime news hour slot US TV channel has shown the in depth story on vidarbha farmers suicides same day maharashtra chief minister was talking to NRI in US that vidarbha farmers are not true as INDIA is growing fast we are also growing fastest speed not at the cost of farmers suicides but reality is different pl look at it,
release in public interest by
kishore tiwari
vidarbha jan andolan samiti
Agricultural Problems Lead to Farmer Suicides in India
Farming in India has become difficult and costly, leading to thousands of farmers taking their own lives. The NewsHour reports on why the industry has become so challenging and what farmers are doing to get through this tough period.


kishore tiwari
vidarbha jan andolan samiti

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