Sunday, October 15, 2006

helping farm widows of vidarbha

Dear ashish atalji,
sadar namaskar
sub-helping farm widows of vidarbha
you should send demand draft directly in the name of widow who is facing starvation that’s only way of looking at guaranteed utilization for truly deserving farmers and affected families.
Infact we have not collected or taken any money from any body till date,
I am also engineer and we help these families as member of our family.

We are not NGO and we are not involve in any fund collection activity at any level
as most of so called NGO just collecting fund in the of helping Indian farmer suicide has been one of earning source FOR THESE POOR ACTIVIST,
hence send MONEY directly to widows of farm crisis.

kishor tiwari

On 10/12/06, Ashish Atal <> wrote:

Dear Tiwariji and Others,

Its quite hearting to see plight of farmers in Vidarbha region with Yavatmal topping the chart of farmer's suicide. Good to see your efforts in public awareness as well as helping families of affected farmers.

Government machinery may promise many things, but actual distribution of help is not seen. And I also don't have many expectations from them.

Being hailed from Vidarbha and doing good due to opportunities in engineering services. I would like to help needy farmers and their families in small way. I would like to know your suggestions, how I can?

Being working in Bangalore, its not possible to help by physical presence in field. Hence thinking of some monetary help in small quantum. But would like guaranteed utilization for truly deserving farmers and affected families. Please suggest your views and we can take this further.

Regards -ASHISH

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