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Is the problem with the policy itself or with the corrupt bureaucracy

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Dear Tiwariji,

Thank you for all your work, your regular releases are a great resource.
I have a few questions (pasted below) regarding the issue and I was hoping
you could answer them and provide me with some additional perspective.
Thank you for all your help.

Shezad Lakhani

What role has the Maharashtra state monopoly over cotton played in the
rise of the suicides over the past few years? Has the promise of high
prices (which were not fulfilled) made the farmers continue to produce

if you after wto and free trade and import huge cotton in India from us ,cotton economy failed to sustain then high cost seed and other input added fuel.
in mahrashtra monopoly scheme was giving rs.200 to rs.300 more rate than market so it helped the farmer to larger extend but when advance bonus was withdrawn that govt. subsidy then it triggered the cotton farmers suicides in june-2005 on ward.

Is the problem with the policy itself or with the corrupt bureaucracy
associated with the system?

yes agrarian crisis due to wrong policies of state and it is wested interest of corrupt executives and politicians.

Do you think that the continuation of the policy will help or hurt the
farmers in the long term? Is it financially viable?

no,agrarian crisis will be increased due to total collapse of civil and social administration at ground level.anarchy will lead to the unrest may result in to civil crisis too.

What can the government do to stop the rise in suicides?

Restoration of primary support(income base agriculture economy with protected market)system in order and provide proper secondary support system(health care,education,food security and rural employment) in rural sector that controlled social and civil order is must to control suicide as it is accumulated result long pending problem of economic failure and bad habits at large .

Is cotton cultivation possible in Vidarbha? If not then what type of crops
can the farmers turn to?

in vidarbha it has 1000 year history of cotton cultivation and cotton was known as white gold as it was economy of cotton gins and pressing factories in mass farmers of west Maharashtra mostly sholapur distt.used to work as workers in yavatmal ,amaravati and akola and they are till leaving you can under stand the issue.

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