Thursday, January 18, 2007

hundreds half nude farmers started protest before amravati civil commission office( see photo)


kishor tiwari
vidarbha jan andolan samiti
sub-5 vidarbha farmers suicides on 17th Jan. taking toll 42 in
Jan-2007,hundreds half nude farmers started protest before amravati civil commission office( see photo)

5 more innocent Cotton farmers suicide reported on 17th Jan who are mostly in debt
trap and in economic distress due to poor return from cotton crop this
year reported today taking toll to 42 in this months .cotton farmers
who committed suicides on 17th jan. are
1.Raju balki,ejasan(yavtmal)
2.Isaram zade ,tekepur(chandrapur)i
3.Pandurang dethe ,sathgoan(buldhana)
4Tulsiram patil,ramapur(akola)
5.Sudhakar wadaskar,junala(chnadrapur)
Vidarbha is in deep grip of agrarian crisis and efforts of Indian
govt. is failed to slow down these farm suicides ,kishor tiwari of
vidarbha jn andolan samiti informed in press mail .
Prime minister relief failed to reach the distress farmers till date after more than six months and hundreds of farmers to attract the the attention of Indian prime minister started protest in half nude condition (pl see photo) since 17th Jan night but till date civil administration has not even approached these protesting farmers turning it "tamasha"
Tiwari blamed the state government for the mess as due to massive corruption in administration in the distribution of relief aid and govt. apthy toward the farmers more farm suicides are being reported , Tiwari pointed out.

"The cotton marketing federation is adjusting 50 per cent of the loans
of farmers that they had borrowed from the banks through the sell of
raw cotton. Farmers are getting meager money through the sell and it
led them to depress more, "he added.

With five more suicides, the toll has touched more than 1400 since June 2005,
Tiwari further claimed.

VJAS has urged inter national community to save
these farmers who are victims of wrong policies of Indian govt. being
implemented under the pressure from American govt.,wto and world
bank.the farmers are committing suicide in remote part of vidarbha but
they are the mass killing of u.s. administration as high cost American
cotton seed,pesticide and very low cost highly subsidies American
cotton are responsible for theses suicides,kishor tiwari added.

VJAS has has been demanding higher cotton procurement price and relief from
huge debt on vidarbha farmers in order to save farming community but
govt. has till date not responded to these demands,kishor tiwari

kishor tiwari
vidarbha jan andolan samiti

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