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Vidarbha widows forced into prostitution- This is not true vasu ,by now you are asking us to commit suicide

Vidarbha widows forced into prostitution- This is not true vasu ,by now you are asking us to commit suicide



Respected sir,
I was shocked to see your programme last night witness and could not sleep through out night ,VJAS is only activist group who keeping track farmers suicides and always raising issues of farm widows and updated the whole world regarding plights of widows but your investigative "news item" has been first time information that vidarbha farm widows are forced prostitution.

we respect NDTV nad shrinivasan jain too but ,YOUR THIS NEWS ITEM IS NOT TRUE ,it is carrying very wrong impression regarding more than 3500 farm widows who are working hard against all odds and I have not seen single case of this kind till today .the moral and support theses farm widows are the real spirit of us to work against the all odds in these days of distress .
Here web text and link has been reproduced for my all inter national and national regular mail recipient as I have receiving the calls through out day to know the fact. cases we tracked needs to be probed further but generalisation of issue makes question mark to character of all farm widows .this is very critical issue as whole focus has been vidarbha farm widows moreover projecting vidarbha as new hub for export of farm widows for national prostitution ,VASU IS IT FAIR REPORTING SIR?

NDTV has been reporting vidarbha farm crisis since 1998 and first case of vidarbha cotton framers suicide of RAMDAS AMBARWAR of village taleng takli in yavatmal was reported by NDTV on 1 HOUR SLOT of star news forced Maharashtra chief minister manohar joshi that visited all houses of farm widows and gave the compensation.
VASU you are the witness of all developments but your own 'WITNESS' programme has put all activist involved in this agrarian crisis in fix.if your witness is true that it's moral binding for all of us to commit suicide .this is insult humanity it's matter of national shame.

I respect NDTV and request you
to arrange detail probe on news item feeds used for this witness as it's seems to be fabricated one and more extensive stories on struggle of farm widows as damage control exercise .we never expected the words and draft used to show this news item,I PAINED AS EVERY NEW DAY IS COMING NEW SAGA SUICIDE AND NEW VERSION FARM WIDOWS DISPARATE ATTEMPTS OF SERVILE.




I pained,

yours faithfully

kishor tiwari



here is news item


Vidarbha widows forced into prostitution


Monday, March 12, 2007 (Amravati):

The families of suicide hit farmers in Vidarbha are being forced into prostitution and into the hands of sex trafficking network.

Every day a cotton farmer commits suicide in the region and every day a new widow is born.

Twenty-six-year-old Rekha has two sons and lives in Amravati district - Vidharbha's suicide centre.

Two years ago, pushed to the brink by moneylenders and a debt of Rs 30,000, her husband drank insecticide and killed himself.

That changed Rekha's world forever. Today she is a prostitute. Her clients include truck drivers on the highway linking Amravati to Mumbai.

She has to get to work from nine in the morning and has no time to waste.

Rekha's family, like the family of the other women, have no idea what she does.

Casualties of killing fields

As Rekha waits on the road, it's not truckers but a group of Congress workers who try and pick her up.

They want free sex and try to tear her clothes off. Rekha fights them off, just barely. Later a bike pulled over and a deal was struck.

Rekha insisted on using condoms.

Like Rekha, her other friends are the indirect casualties of Vidharbha's killing fields. Unlike other prostitutes they stick together in a group.

Reshma's husband hung himself three months ago because of debt.

His brothers have usurped her land and now what Reshma earns from selling her body is her family's only earning.

NDTV: When did you become a prostitute?
Reshma: Last month. Nobody was giving me work.

NDTV: Why?
Reshma: When you don't have a husband, you become an easy suspect. People think we steal. They don't give work.

Rural distress

It's already well known that women get pushed into prostitution due to rural distress.

Razia, an anti-trafficking activist, says the nightmare of sex trade and trafficking, associated more with Maharshtra's Marathwada region, has now entered Vidharbha.

NDTV team travel to the house of Nirja - 80 kilometres from Amravati. She is 25-year-old and has three children. Her elder sister-in-law Sulekha has two.

Nirja's husband hung himself to death two years ago because of debt. A year ago, for the same reason, Sulekha's husband also committed suicide.

They tried to till their three acres of land and grow cotton and tur dal. But the cotton crop failed and they just have enough tur for their own use.

They were desperate. Pushed to the brink Nirja became a prostitute.

First it was the shame of debt and harassment which pushed their men to suicide and now the shame of prostitution.

Sulekha: Earlier we never even worked. Now we have to do this because of our children.
NDTV: Your courage must be appreciated.

NDTV Do villagers say anything about the work you do?
Nirja: They say things behind our backs. But we can't afford to pay attention.

Nirja says she will sell her body so that her daughter and Sulekha's daughter never have to and so that they don't end up on the highway, the like other daughters of suicide country.

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